The categories of work and services we offer.

Road Lines

Horizontal Marking

High-quality and performance road lines of all types. Four machines for different requirements. Application of prefabricated striping tapes with the use of a machine, glue or flame. Use of materials and paints verified and certified by recognized laboratories such as the Greek KEDE and BAST Germany

Metal Guardrails

Roadway insurance

Supply and installation of all types of barriers of the EN1317 standard . Five piling machines for every requirement and type of work. Certification of installation by recognized European factories. Depending on the manufacturing plant, each type of guardrail may have significant differences. At the disposal of the customer and according to the type of parapet required every time, there are all technical drawings, manuals and certificates.

Road signs

Vertical Marking

Construction on our premises and installation of all types of road signs. Use of certified materials (aluminum, membranes). Manufacture and installation of supporting webs, scaffolding, bases and supply and installation of signboards.

Traffic Arrangements

Worksite and Permanent Marking Products

Installation, maintenance, supervision and storage of all necessary traffic management equipment on construction sites, project execution zones, detours, fixed or rolling markings. The equipment is also available for hire. Many of the materials can be used for both permanent and temporary construction work.


20 %


40 %


60 %


80 %

Installing Drivers

100 %

Post Installation

Photovoltaic parks

Post Installation

Post Installation of any height and cross section with great daily performance using up to three tracked machines. Use of hoists for transporting and distributing piles in the area. Detailed positioning with precision. Construction of fences.