Use of materials and products certified from recognized Greek and European Laboratories-------------------------------------------------------------


Certification of the installation of barriers by recognized European factories--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Complete implementation of technical manuals and specifications with guaranteed result-------------------------------------


Observance of agreed timetables, timely delivery of projects---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

27 years of presence in the field

Public and Private Projects

Owned Equipment and Facilities

Experienced and Qualified Personnel

Horizontal Road Marking

Vertical Road Marking

Street Insurance

Worksite Marking

Traffic Arrangements

Installation of photovoltaic parks

Application Fields

Business activities


High quality requirements, tight timetables, strict security measures and traffic management.

National, Provincial and Urban Road Networks

Unpredictable conditions, pavement tightness, difficult traffic management, night work.

Parking, Airports, Harbors

Particular attention to detail, proper space management, strict adherence to technical plans.

Worksites and Under Construction Projects

Managing the needs of the project, changing local conditions, precise time coordination, continuous maintenance and abstraction

Photovoltaic parks

Application accuracy, attention to detail, minimum to zero tolerance, careful material handling, strict adherence to specifications

Construction experience

In its many years, our company has built hundreds of projects, has developed a vast experience in all fields of application and construction of horizontal and vertical road marking as well as in the installation of photovoltaic parks

Activity all around Greece

Each field of application is also a separate challenge with different requirements and conditions, with a common element of quality and timely construction.

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